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Calder Dental Practice

Functional and Aesthetic Management

Struggling to chew and eat? Speech concerns? We will listen to your concerns, complaints and worries. We will gladly answer your questions and then provide you with suitable options. We can advise you and guide you toward a well-constructed and concise treatment plan, explain the risks, benefits and pros and cons of each, then leave the final decision in your hands.

Do you dislike the gaps between your teeth? There are many options to treat unwanted and unsightly gaps. Depending on your circumstances, the findings from the examination and our special investigations, we can make you aware of the prospective available treatments that will suit you best. Some of the common treatments we offer are the construction of dental bridgework or dentures.

Or are you looking to improve the appearance? The subjective opinion of your aesthetic complaint is of absolute paramount importance to us. Whether it is the alignment (how "straight"/"crooked" your teeth are), colour or shape of your teeth, our team will listen, and promote the best solution(s) to address your worries. To view images of some of the treatment and procedures we provide that can improve or enhance your dental appearance,click here.

​We now have the pleasure to offer you some of the most advanced treatment packages for both teeth whitening and minor Orthodontics. Please call in and ask our staff about our fantastic, cutting-edge, modern new treatments: Enlightenand Quick Straight Teeth.

Pain and Emergency Treatment

Suffering from pain or struggling with discomfort?

There are various causes of pain and soreness from your mouth and jaws. Importantly, we will do our utmost to diagnosis your complaint when you attend. We make it our goal to try and resolve any pain or discomfort with our expert advice, management and treatments- that may involve root-canal treatment, dental extractions and the application of other medications.

Managing Tooth Decay

Untreated tooth decay can lead to pain, loss of function and swelling/infection. 

As well as delivering tailored advice on how to minimise future problems and reduce your risk of developing tooth decay in the future, we will offer potential solutions. There are various methods of treating tooth decay, and depending on the circumstances, we will endeavour to provide you with all the options- some which may include Composite-Resin restorations ("white fillings") and crowns.

Treatment of Gum Disease

​Without healthy gums, there are risks of tooth mobility/loss, bad breath, soreness and bleeding and poor appearance. Sometimes gum disease can spread to the bone in the jaws, which anchors and holds teeth in position.

We can advise you on the best methods to look after your gums, as well as providing you with the most suitable treatments: these will range from a simple scale and polish, to thorough cleaning of periodontal pockets (below the gum-line).

Dental Examinations

​It is important for your dento-facial health that you have regular check-ups to prevent unwanted pain, functional problems and disease.

At Calder Dental Practice, our examinations are unique: we will undertake a thorough examination of your jaws, teeth and gums, but also use our modern equipment to take dental radiographs (X-Rays) and photographic images, which we can use to communicate with you- alongside our meticulous explanation and expert advice.