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Calder Dental Practice

The Calder Dental Promise

  • Use all our knowledge, skills and abilities to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your oral health.

  • Ensure you are pain-free, are free of functional problems and that we can deliver you with treatment to enhance or maintain the aesthetic requirements of your teeth and gums.

  • Present you with all the available options for your treatment, but ultimately the final decision will be yours.

  • Advise you on the suitability of treatment options (both long-term and short-term) on an individual clinical basis, as well as using our knowledge of the evidence available in the literature to assist your decision-making process.

  • Enable you with continual opportunity to review your treatment and ask questions.

  • Endeavour to provide you with advice, care, management and treatment in a safe, caring, empathetic and comfortable environment.

  • Encourage and explain to you the best methods and techniques to look after your teeth, gums and tissues of your mouth in a tailored way to your individual requirements.

  • ​Maintain high standards of communication throughout the full journey of your treatment.

  • Smile: More - This is our foundation and optimism that you will feel comfortable to smile more frequently after visiting us.

  • ​Explain the cost of your treatment in advance.

Private Treatment vs Denplan

At Calder Dental Practice we are currently accepting new private Denplan and NHS patients to join our practice.  

Being a private patient at our practice holds a number of advantages; our clinicians will utilise our additional equipment to provide you with special investigations that will deliver a comprehensive overview of the current status of your mouth, and likely future implications. 

We endeavour to assist you with any of your concerns - whether this is pain/discomfort, functional problems or aesthetic concerns.

Some patients may be better suited to our monthly insurance plans via Denplan. For further information, please click here.

Welcome to Calder Dental Practice.

Our objective is primarily to provide carefully-planned, educated, safe dental treatment with the understanding and support of you, our patients. 

We aim to deliver treatment to the best of our ability in order to maintain or improve your oral health, functional requirements of your dento-facial system and dental aesthetics.

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